The Elements of Achievements

Faulkner’s list of the six key steps to achievement Prices are Nonrandom = The Markets can be Beat
1. using both “Toward” and “Away From” motivation;
2. having a goal of full capability plus, with anything less being unacceptable;
3. breaking down potentially overwhelming goals into chunks, with satisfaction garnered from completion of each individual steps;
4. keeping full concentration on the present moment – that is, the single task at hand rather than the long-term goals;
5. being personally involved in achieving goals (as opposed to depending on others); and
6. making self-to-self comparisons to measure progress.

Robert Krausz’s basic tasks necessary to become a winning trader.
7. Develop a competent analytical methodology.
8. Extract a reasonable trading plan from this methodology.
9. Formulate rules for this plan that incorporate money management techniques.
10. Back-test the plan over a sufficiently long period.
11. Exercise self-management so that you adhere to the plan. The best plan in the world cannot work if you don’t act on it.

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