The steps below are based on the developmental maturity of any trader. Each of us are at different levels in this process. This process can be applied to our overall progress as traders or in the learning of a new strategy. It is important for us to be realistic about where we are personally to become the best trader possible.


To HEAR you have to listen and listen intentionally. You will not HEAR properly if you are focused on other things. This situation is especially true on a webinar or during the trading day when the markets are open. It is essential to set distractions aside and HEAR what is being stated.


To RECEIVE something you have to HEAR it and come into agreement with it.  To RECEIVE is to take it unto yourself and personally grab hold of what you have heard and make it your own.


To be successful you have to believe that what you HEAR and RECEIVE can add value to your current situation. You have to BELIEVE that a specific strategy repeated and correctly  executed, regards of any specific outcome, will provide successful results over time. You will act on what you believe In all areas of life.  Please make sure you really do BELIEVE it and are not allowing any contradictory mindset to compete with your belief because it is possible to hold two opposing beliefs at once. This is being double minded and leads to instability.  Being firm and unswayed in what you BELIEVE can lead to becoming a successful trader.


APPLY Is taking action on what you BELIEVE. You will not fully apply something until you fully believe it. Application requires action. You must be willing to pull the trigger on a trade when all of your rules are meet or when all the T’s have been crossed.  You must also without reservation pull the trigger to exit at your predetermined stop loss. Regardless of what we think or BELIEVE we will also act out of core or dominant belief. To properly apply ourselves we have to revise our core beliefs.  If I APPLY all of my predefined rules for entry and exit even when the trades go against me, my core belief will keep me confident that I did the right thing in making this trade and over time I will accomplish my goals. In addition my loss will not stress me because based on following my predefined rules it was a small loss based on a predetermined, well thought out process.

As we move forward we should focus on hearing , receiving, believing and applying.

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