Twelve Months -12 Rules

1. BE STRONG. have the courage to say “no”, separate yourself from somebody who doesn’t bring out the best of you, put yourself up when your world seems to be falling apart.
2. BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. don’t give up when something is being hard to you, don’t think you can’t do anything because it’s hard. work until you can do that because you can. don’t forget: “it never gets easier, you just get better”.
3. DON’T LET ANYBODY BRING YOU DOWN. don’t let what the others say about you, bring you down. be self-aware. your value and what you really are, aren’t defined by others.
4. SUPPORT THE OTHER PEOPLE. give them the strenght they need to believe in themselves, tell them they look flawless, tell them how much you love their personality.
5. DON’T LET ANYBODY DOWN. don’t tell him/her you don’t like his/her clothes because they like and you have nothing to do with that, don’t comment about the pimple he/she has on his/her forehead, don’t tell he/she should or shouldn’t wear makeup, don’t tell them their dreams are too high, don’t tell them they can’t do something.
7. RELAX. you can’t do a good work when you’re stressed or tired. you can take 20 minutes or a day to rest.
9. DON’T BE SHY. go to a concert and scream 374718 times that you love the artists, tell that boy/girl that his/her eyes look like stars, sing and dance when your jam comes up when you’re in the grocery store, tell your teacher that you like the way he/she is doing his/her work.
10. BE GENEROUS TO OTHER PEOPLE. help them when they’re in trouble without expect nothing in return – but, believe me, they will help you when you need.
11. BE YOUR OWN BESTFRIEND. take a relaxing bath when you’re stressed, tell yourself you look beautiful today, give yourself advices.
12. FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS. don’t think you’re not good enough and the others are way better than you. dreams don’t work unless you do. don’t try to be the best in the world from one day to another but try to be better than yesterday. your dreams will come true if you fight for them. it’s worth it.