Trade Management & Psychology (One Liners )

  • Let winners run. While momentum is in phase, the market can run much further than might be expected. Do not exit winners without reason!
  • Be quick to admit when wrong and get flat.
  • Sometimes a time stop is the right solution. If a position is entered, but the anticipated scenario does not develop, then get out.
  • Remember: if one thing isn’t happening the other thing probably is.
  • Flat is a legitimate position.
  • Be careful of correlations. Several positions can often equal one large position bearing unacceptable risk. Respect the potential for correlations to change—you have to deal with today’s correlation, not the correlation that existed when you put on the position.
  • The crowd is not always wrong.
  • Most trading problems come from an incorrect perception of risk. If you’re trading with an edge, the “risk” of any trade being a loser is not actually a risk at all.
  • Intuition is real, but all traders develop it. Intuition, alone, is not an edge.
  • Intuition must be trained properly. It is very easy to develop incorrect intuition due to cognitive biases and the nature of the market.
  • Mental capital is just as important as financial capital. Protect both.
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