Minimize The Impact Of A Setback!

First, minimize its symbolic importance. Many people over interpret setbacks by imbuing them with more emotions than are warranted. They view setbacks as a form of punishment, as if a teacher or parent is punishing them for doing something wrong. Take the setback in stride and move on to the next winning trade.

Second, don’t confuse trading outcomes with personal significance. If you lose big, for example, the loss may have great financial significance but it doesn’t need to have great personal significance. You can wipe out your entire account, but that doesn’t mean you are diminished in the eyes of friends and family. You don’t need to let a loss or setback make you feel less worthy as a person.

Ironically, when you psychologically minimize the impact of a setback, and treat it as if it isn’t important, you’ll stay calm, free, and objective. And when you feel this way, you’ll trade profitably.

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