An Investment Poem

The newfound opportunity arises softly at first

Like pearl shaped dew drops on a tea leaf

Quite unexpected but fast entranced and immersed

Her presence over the former solitude brings relief

More precious than any amount of money or power

More beautiful than the most stunning of jewels

You cannot appreciate the sweet without the sour

The kind of perfect pattern that makes investors drool

Finding shares to short are most difficult to borrow

But who would bet against an investment with so much potential?

Elation is now the norm starting yesterday, today and tomorrow

The biggest challenge lay in exercising prudential

Potentially an addicted lost cause am I

An investor who has witnessed too many ups and downs

Is it possible to stay grounded or is my destiny the sky?

Disciplined I promise to be, carefully soaking in the sights and sounds

Because true greatness only comes around every so often

Where your hands can’t help but shake and you feel it in your gut

The time is now, the place is here — this is Zen

As nature intended, this squirrel has found his nut

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