8 Words For Traders

1. CONFIDENCE: absolutely essential in an environment that feeds on emotional    instability.
2. TRUST: if you cannot trust yourself who can you trust? Trust your rules, trust your edge, trust that you will do the right thing-no matter what!
3. FOCUS: you will never learn all there is to learn about the market.  Push your ego aside and focus on one market and one edge.
4.  ACCEPTANCE:  you have to accept what the market is willing to give or you will give the market what it wants to take.
5.  RESPONSIBILITY: you and you alone are responsible for the money you lose and the money you make.  Take the credit for both.  Either way you deserve it.
6.  PATIENCE:  The market is not the place to learn patience, it is the place to practice it.
7.  RULES:  the market has no rules and no one else will do it for you. Develop rules for entering AND exiting trades before trades are made.
8.  RESPECT:  you have to respect the market for what it is not for what you want it to be.  The market has a logic all its own.  You may not like it but you have to accept it.

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