Technical Confirmations Explained

Confirmation is necessary to validate a break of important support and resistance levels such as price patterns, moving averages and trend lines. Technicians and traders define Confirmation in various ways. While market situations vary, below is a guideline of three forms of Confirmation:

  • Percentage Confirmation: Confirmation is present when there is a 3% or greater break of a support or resistance level. Volume attached to the break, while not necessary, lends confidence to the confirmation. The 3% rule is commonly used by long term traders and investors. Short term traders use a lesser requirement to complement trading objectives, keeping risk/reward in line.
  • Time Confirmation: If there are at least three closes above or below a resistance or support level, then confirmation exists. A close varies based on ones trading time frame. Again, volume attached to the break adds significance to the confirmation. (We always write Three Consecutive close +Weekly close must for major upmove or down move )
  • Heavy Volume Confirmation: Volume confirmation presents when there is a substantial surge in volume relative to recent volume, combined with one close above or below a resistance or support level.
  • Combination: If percentage and time confirmations fall short of the minimum requirement, yet are accompanied by substantial volume (e.g. 1.5% close above resistance with substantial volume), that could be accepted as confirmation.

Traders can use this guideline to develop their own requirements for confirmation as individual investment objectives and time frames vary.

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