Risk Management for Traders


  • Your first loss is the best loss.
  • Let winning positions run and cut losing positions short. The market is always right.
  • I finally understand why Kirk always says risk management is the most important thing.
  • Always know your exit. Before any trade is made, you must always identify your stop beforehand and then follow it without hesitation if it triggers.
  • Patterns and trends matter more than I thought…paying attention to them can provide better entry/exit points.
  • Patterns and measured moves are key but you have to wait until a pattern is triggered and the trigger holds.
  • Being patient and waiting for confirmation instead of trying to anticipate market movements.
  • Risk is greatest when everyone who wants to buy has already done so – Apple is the latest example!
  • Position sizing is my first and last line of defense.
  • Leverage is for losers.
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