10 Winning Points For Traders

  1. Understand the psychology of the trade: never believe you are smarter than the markets as the markets will always win.

  2. Acquire the knowledge on how the markets truly work then test and retest your ideas and concepts until you feel confident.
  3. Develop a working knowledge of what types of entry and exit orders work best.
  4. Understand how to manage risk by employing the use of options strategies.
  5. Pick a strategy that matches the market conditions.
  6. Manage the strategy. You should always know what your next reaction point will be and what prompts you to take it.
  7. Watch what moves. To be successful, you have to become a media hound.
  8. Integrate fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis into a real world trading approach that enables you to best understand market performance.
  9. Specialize in one sector and one strategy at a time.
  10. Give yourself the winner’s edge by always continuing to actively pursue the learning process.


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